Action Teams - Building Healthy Communities

Action Teams


Since 2009, thousands of residents, youth, agency representatives, and businesses from across the communities of Arvin, Lamont, Weedpatch, and the unincorporated areas of Greenfield have come together. Together, we have been working to make the places we live, work and play healthier through Building Healthy Communities in South Kern (BHC-SK). We have developed an Action Plan for how to build healthy communities for the next generation and Action Teams have been established that are working to achieve each of the goals in our Action Plan. This Action Plan is the heart of BHC-SK, aligning our partners and their work in South Kern so that collectively we can make a bigger, more focused impact on the future of our communities.

The current Action Plan was created in 2014-15 through a process that involved over 1500 residents, youth, and community partners. Community members were asked to review our shared vision and identify community goals and priority areas for making this vision a reality. Action Teams then identified strategies to achieve these goals and impact the community’s priorities. Each Action Team has developed a Promise and Results for the coming year to hold themselves accountable to the community for making changes that will make our community a place that supports everyone in being healthy.

Our Action Teams are working toward five key changes:

education-70px Education

We will work to create healthy school environments, and support students in accessing a pathway to college and career opportunities.

Environment-70px Environment

We will create a safer and healthier environment, including access to drinkable water, reduced pesticide exposure, and land use plans that create healthier communities in the future.

health-70px Health Access

We will improve access to community-based prevention services and appropriate medical and emergency response services.

recreation-70px Recreation

We will increase access to clean and safe places to be active and support youth to become advocates for their community.

economic-development-70px Economic Development

We will Improve Economic Development with more jobs and businesses