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HUB Staff

What is the “HUB”?

The HUB is the central framework for Building Healthy Communities South Kern (BHC-SK). Established to provide structures, staffing, and to support the work of the Action Plan created by community residents, the HUB ensures that our partners and their work align with the Action Plan so that we can make a bigger, more focused impact.

The HUB supports us in making a collective impact through:

  1. Common Agenda: Shared vision for change including a common understanding of the problem and a approach to solving it through agreed upon actions.
  2. Shared Measurement: Data collection and measurement ensures efforts remain aligned and participants hold each other accountable.
  3. Mutually Reinforcing Activities: Participant activities must be differentiated while still being coordinated through a mutually reinforcing plan of action
  4. Continuous Communication: Consistent and open communication is needed to build trust, assure mutual objectives, and appreciate common motivation.
  5. Backbone Organization: Creating and managing collective impact requires a separate organization(s) with staff and a specific set of skills to serve as the backbone for the entire initiative and coordinate participating organizations and agencies.

Overseen by the BHC-SK Steering Committee, these ambassadors are responsible for ensuring  the HUB is meeting community needs and supporting the implementation of the Action Plan. This includes providing direction and oversight for the HUB structures, staff, and supports.

HUB Structures include the Central Table and Action Teams.

  • Central Table: the community-wide general collaborative meetings provide accountability and feedback for those implementing the Action Plan; offers the community a space to review and update the Action Plan and make specific decisions about the BHC-SK work.
  • Action Teams: teams of partners who are working on specific areas of the Action Plan. Each Action Team is tasked with translating the communities needs into goals, actions and measurable results. Each team is comprised of organizations, residents, and youth and is led by two co-chairs, a resident and an organization representative. These co-chairs are responsible for convening the team, as well as being the point-person to the Steering Committee, staff, and community.


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